E-cigs have numerous benefits – discover them all

About ECIG

Switching to electronic cigarettes is not an easy decision for anyone to make. Anyone who has smoked knows how addictive cigarettes are and it might be hard to make the transition. But people should know that when you switch to electronic cigarettes, you get all of the nicotine that you would get from real cigarettes. So it is not as if you are going to crave that nicotine when making the switch.

4 benefits of electronic cigarette

No bad odor in your house, your car or on your clothes

Smoke without nicotine

No more yellow teeth (or fingers)


Do you need more reasons?

- Preserving your health
- Smoking without tar
- No Pollution
- No smoke but vapor
- No more bad mouth smell
- Recover your sense of smell & taste
- No more blood pressure increase
- Normal heart rate
- No more stress

"I was a bit skeptical when it came to electronic cigarettes. They didn’t really seem very appealing to me as a smoker and I thought that nothing really cool replace the feeling of having a real cigarette. But it turns out that I was wrong." Matt - E-cig chat founder


One day I came across a French page that talks about the electronic cigarette. Curious & ready to do anything to stop smoking I try and ordered on this French website. Upon receipt of my order, I unwrap it as a child unwraps a Christmas gift. Here I am with my e-cigarette in hand, I admire it, observe it from all angles and I decide to test it. I open a refill e-liquid I fill the cartridge of the atomizer and I launch.




Please, stop ruining your health

Switch to electronic cigarette right now to preserve your health and your family.

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